New 3rd November, Fri OPEN

3 minutes by car from Rycom Aeon Mall.
It is a nice restaurant located on the hill overlooking the east coast.



4 minutes by car from Zampa Cape Lighthouse.
It is a quiet little restaurant that you could see slight sunset on the west coast.


Gaishokuya KUJIRA’s pasta souse, pizza dough, salad dressing, hot chili oil sauce and desserts are all made by ourself, they are all house original.
We cook all dishes one by one for each order.
When you get crowded, you may take time.
I really appreciate for your understanding.

We try to choice local products for our dishes.
Rice and vegetables are from Kyushu, Okinawa and Hokkaido.
Vegetables for salad are mainly from organic shop "Green Leaf”.
Mushrooms are from Yanbaru, Nakijin.
We select and purchase fresh fish for carpaccio carefully and directly from “Tonariiyumachi”, the biggest fish market in Naha city, that’s why we do not purchase when there are little landing or anything that doesn’t match quality.
We use cane sugar for all dishes and desserts.

What KUJIRA can not do · · · Better leave it to a specialist
Bread is a bucket of  "Otonariya” in Yomitan village.
Gelato is come from "Uruma gelato”.
Lunch coffee from "Ryukyu World Coffee" makes lighter, for dinner we serve "Marui Coffee" which is super deep roasted coffee.
Black tea is the tea leaves of “Yamashiro Tea”, Okinawa origin, none pesticide and hand-picked.
They are all professional and good quality and taste.


Limited serving!!!

Fog part of ribulose.
It is called a ribulose lip and is located outside the ribulose, just beside the spine.
In Spanish "Purma" means the wing of an angel, it is a very rare part that can take only 300g to 550g.
The lean and fine texture make you feel this is beef, is not pork anymore!
Please enjoy unique sweetness, soft and rich umami taste!


◆Grilled Iberian Pork Puruma M 2,300yen L 2,800yen


11月10日 北中城店限定メニュー!ぜひお試しください。

北中城店限定! パンチェッタとサラダのホワイトピザ 1,200yen

Limmited surve on Kitanakagusuku! White Sauce Pizza of Pancetta and Salads

只有北中城店! 意式咸猪肉沙拉奶油披萨





10月21日 北中城店10月30日プレオープン、11月3日グランドオープン



8月5日 新店舗オープニングスタッフ募集中です。

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